Issues of Personal Boundaries in Counseling

by Michael Liimatta, AGRM Director of Education

  • Part 1 – What do you mean when you say that program staff members should practice “professional distance”? – An exploration of the need for good personal boundaries as a counselor.
  • Part 2 – How much of my own personal struggles should I share with counselees? – A look at how the concept of “professional distance” relates to sharing with clients how God has worked in our own lives.
  • Part 3 – How should counselors respond to the client’s boundaries? –While we’ve highlighted the importance of counselors carefully guarding their own personal boundaries while working with troubled people, respecting the boundaries of those we seek to help is equally important.

This copyrighted series originally appeared in RESCUE Magazine, published by the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions, October 2001, December 2001, and February 2002 issues.  Reprinting without permission is prohibited.