To really grow in recovery, we all need to find a person of the same sex who will serve as our sponsor/mentor. It’s best to find someone who has been around the program for awhile.

Mentorship is a solidly Biblical concept. The best example of it is seen in the relationship between Paul, the seasoned veteran apostle, and Timothy, the young, gifted, upstart preacher. I believe much could be gained in our understanding of sponsorship in the context of Christian Recovery by a thoughtful examination of their relationship as depicted in the scriptures.

Look for someone who seems to be growing and is solid in his/her personal program of recovery. This must be a person you trust enough to really trust to open up to. In other words, you must believe they will keep what you share on a confidential basis.

The best sponsors are people who are good listeners. They are nonjudgemental encouragers who purposefully make themselves available when we need them. I have found it works best to set up a definite time to meet with sponsors on a regular basis – in my case, I meet with my sponsor on a bi-weekly basis.

So, why do we need a sponsor/mentor? From my personal experience (almost 20 years on the journey of recovery), here’s just a few reasons I’ve found: